Jak zaoszczędzić pieniądze w Norwegii



Studia w Norwegii – jak zaoszczędzić pieniądze w Norwegii

Życie w Norwegii może być dość kosztowne. Dlatego norweski portal CupoNation przedstawia listę pięciu wskazówek oszczędzania pieniędzy dla studentów kierowanych do krainy Wikingów.

Studying in Norway? 5 money-saving tips

Living in Norway can be quite expensive. There’s no way of getting around that. That’s why the Norwegian savings portal CupoNation has put up a list of five money-saving tips for students headed to the land of Vikings.

1. Student Discounts

Students make up a significant part of many Norwegian cities, both big and small. Businesses want you and your friends to choose them over their competitors, so many of them offer good discounts if you show a student ID. Your school will often be able to provide an overview of local student discounts, but it never hurts to ask businesses for discounts yourself.

2. Travelling

While studying in Norway, enjoy your time at campus, but be sure to see the country when you have time. Travelling by bus is the least expensive alternative, but plan your trip two or three weeks in advance and you will very often be able to find discounted train and airline tickets as well.

3. The Best Things in Life Are Free

Norwegian nature — wow! You won’t find anything close to it anywhere in the world. It’s always accessible, always impressive and always free. You might get a kick from standing on top of The Empire State Building 381 meters above ground, but try looking over the edge at Preikestolen, a huge rock leaning over a fjord 604 meters below. No railings, no security. Now that’s a kick free of charge.

4. Grocery Shopping

Grocery stores don’t offer student discounts, but you can still shop there relatively cheaply if you know what to look for. Norwegian grocery chains compete fiercely with one another. Not only will they have crazy discounts on certain popular products, but they also have their own exclusive brands that they use to lure you inside. Look for store brands like X-tra, First Price and Coop. They will cover all your basic needs and save you a lot.

5. Matpakke

And that name again was … ? OK, if you don’t know the Norwegian matpakke, perhaps you need to read up on Norwegian culture. It’s basically a packed lunch. Instead of buying lunch at cafeterias, restaurants or stores, most Norwegians bring a matpakke to work or school. This usually consists of a few slices of bread with various spreads and lunchmeats on top. Matpakke would probably rank among the 10 most boring meals in the world, but Norwegians seem to like it. If you can grow accustomed to this matpakke culture, combined with shopping for cheap brands, money will stay in your pocket.

Enjoy your time in Norway — and saving money!

(The above information is presented with permission from CupoNation – cuponation.no)


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